The Pachinko Quest Pinball

Welcome on the official Pachinko Quest Pinball project website. Like many of us, I’ve always been facinated by pinball machines. I was facinated by all these blinking lights inside, these sounds and after all : the game. In a pinball machine, the ball never follows the same path.

There is a real «hasard», a sort of random game. It’ a kind of magic.

My name is Jean-Christophe Deyagere. I live near the town of Lyon (France) . I’m a 3D/2D graphist, multimedia conceptor and artist. In 2008 I was student at the university LYON 2 in a brand new promotion called GAMAGORA. This cursus was focused on video games I started at night to make a home brew video game called «Pachinko quest».

It was a kind of «super mario like’». A pink cat named «Pinky» was trying to liberate his little master, a little boy, prisonner inside a malefic Pachinko world. The game play was taking place inside a flipper. Unfortunatly I never finished the game but I kept all the graphic files (assets, 3D models, textures) on old hard disks.

4 years later, I decided to make this little video game live again but this time in another way.

Why not to build a real mechanic flipper based on this video game ? The story also began.

A little cat bought in a chinese shop.